Past Projects

Demolition work by Ronnies Demolition


In this project, 7 houses required demolition. Excavation of up to 11 meters was carried out to make way for a basement car park. You’ll notice our excavators dig around themselves till they reached the final stage. On completion equipment was craned out. (bottom right).

Mascot – Coward Street

The Mascot project was the demolition of the old TNT yard which was demolished by Ronnies to make way for new factory units.


The old timber mill yard was demolished to make way for a factory unit complex.


Ronnies was called in for the demolition of the old nursing home. The job consisted of making way for a new block of units. Notice the old building; this was to remain protected as it is heritage and needed to be restored.

Wetherill Park

This site was the old Glendale chemical plant which needed to get ready for a new development. The Wetherill Park project was worked on by Ronnies demolition.


When Monovale shops needed upgrading, Ronnies was called in to prepare the site. The new shop shopping complex was built shortly after.