Asbestos Removal

“Friable asbestos is material containing asbestos that when dry, is in powder form or may be crushed or pulverised into powder form by hand pressure. This material poses a higher risk of exposing people to airborne asbestos fibres.

Non-friable asbestos is all forms of asbestos other than friable asbestos and includes asbestos cement sheeting and other materials where asbestos fibres are bonded into a matrix. If non-friable asbestos is damaged or degraded it may become friable and will then pose a higher risk of fibre release.” (Safe work Australia – Aug 2018)

Ronnies Demolitions are a licensed Asbestos removalist. All our asbestos remediation work conforms to the Australian standards and Work cover requirements. When undertaking asbestos removal work, Ronnies always ensure safety first and all workers operate the required removal tasks in a timely and safe way. Ensuring the hierarchy of controls is maintained and reviewed regularly, we can ensure chemical management strategies are in place for any job that is known to contain such materials.

Since our establishment in 1988 Ronnies Demolition are recognised in the demolition industry for asbestos removal and builders and clients use Ronnies for fast, reliable and safe practices and services.

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